"I am really pleased with my double glazing. More...

"I have a heat pump which heats the whole house and stays warm. 
My daughter was up from Christchurch in the school holidays and couldn't believe 
how much warmer the house was. Great job. Thank you."
Alison Neal 
"We are very impressed with Chris Smith Glass. Chris Smith visited us when we first enquired about retrofit double glazing and I found him to be personable, knowledgeable, and a can do type of person. They did most of the work while we were on holiday, a trustworthy company, and when we came home they were courteous and clean. The workmen even went out of their way to help me put a new bathtub into our bathroom which I am not entirely sure I could have done on my own. The double glazing has changed how we live in the house. We have taken down the blinds letting in so much more light, there is no condensation on the windows, and our heat pump setting is 4 - 5 degrees C lower now. One of the best decisions we have made in a long time and well worth the money".
Terry Woerd

"The team at Chris Smith Glass completed our retro double glazing at our place in Springfield, the whole house was completed to a very high standard with excellent communication from Chris and his guys during the whole project, great experience and makes the house a lot warmer not to mention the increase in value. Thanks for the great job."
Jerrod & Marina Shields

"We had a large open plan house built in early 1980s with wooden joinery and large areas of single glazed glass going from floor to a raked ceiling. It was always difficult to heat in winter. Initially we had Chris Smith fit Retro Double Glazing to a few windows as a trial. We decided to get the highest performance double glazing you could get: argon filled, low - E, as the extra cost was marginal for the extra performance in terms of overall cost.
His very professional team of joiners, and glazers did an excellent job, including tidying up some small areas of rot! We immediately noticed a difference with the double glazing, and so we commissioned Chris to double glaze the rest of the open area of the house - about 80m2. This has transformed the place - we no longer have hot and cold areas, and found the heat distribution from top to bottom is much more uniform. We no longer have any condensation.  When we come home and need some heat, the temperature comes up quickly to a comfortable level, whereas previously the heating used to struggle to get temperatures up. As a result we often turn the heating off or down, even during winter. The combination of wooden joinery which is naturally thermally insulating, with high performance panels is proving to have very low heat loss. 
A side benefit is we have done away with the thermal curtains, which has opened up the extensive views. 
We can thoroughly recommend Chris Smith Glass and his very professional team." 
Wayne and Jan Miller

Retrofit Double Glazing

For a warmer, drier, healthier, more energy efficient home


What is Retro-Fit Double Glazing?

Retrofit NZ Energy Save Double Glazing is a replacement glazing system using your original window frames.  We work with your new or existing timber window frames maintaining the original appearance and providing you the benefits of new Double Glazing.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Double Glazing is one of the best and easiest ways to maximize your wall insulation and double glazing reduces heat loss through your windows. 

• Better Insulation means a warmer and drier home in winter.
• Cooler in summer.
• Reduces heating and cooling costs.
• You still maintain the look and character of your home. 

The Retrofit NZ Energy Save system is specifically designed to maintain the appearance of your house by using your existing timber window frame. The Double Glazed units are factory made with two panes of glass separated by a sealed airspace. The sealed airspace provides insulation. Chris Smith Glass uses the latest Double Glazing manufacturing technology from Metro Glass. There are many glass options available which can increase insulation, reduce noise along with the option of Argon gas and low E glass.

The Thermawood System

TW authorised installer.jpg

Thermawood Retro-fit creates a unique dry glazing system for double glazing your existing timber windows and doors in your home. The system is designed to fit any wooden joinery and can be used in a number of configurations.

Thermawood Retro-fit Double Glazing remains substantially warmer than single glazing and allows you to maintain the original character aesthetic of your home while adding value to your property and saving money on energy costs.


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